Lost Love

I wandered
in a fantasy
of love,
thick like a forest
with twisted branches and hidden paths,
with fairy dust that illuminated foliage in the morning, like dew.
And the howls of strange monsters that echoed through the land
as dusk fell
into night.
or nightmare,
this was
my own heart of darkness,
my own Amazon jungle,
with you
as my guide,
native to
this beautiful depravity.

I am lost still
in you.

Hoping to find
my way
to love.

Take Me

On the wings
of my sadness
I flew into a dream
of you.

I thought I had lost you.

Yet Desire stood
waiting to be reassembled
like companion pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
into a familiar template.

You came for me
in the rooms of my dreamtime
where doors
are always unlocked for you.

You slipped past my mother’s protective guard.

You entered.

We faced each other,
solemn with sweet relief.

Your hips slid
into the groove
of my own,
locking into place,
where they fit so well
like wooden railroad tracks,
bound to each other
to forge a pathway.

I climbed on,
rode you.

I don’t care so much about the destination,
but only
that you take me.

Dead End: Your Eyes Revisited

So your heart

turned out

to be a dead end.


You lead me down this path,

tempted me

with a promise of love.


I walked towards you,

ever hopeful

to get somewhere.

But I ran into

your cold shoulders.


Now I lie here in bed,


chilled by the rain outside

and the darkness

of your eyes.

Yet Still I Walk into the Sea


My heart plays like an ukelele, clear and sweet,

my body is a beloved island chain.

You are Captain Cook,

come to bring me leprosy, people without breath, the end of Hula.

industrial waste, high rises, luxury hotels, GMO crops.

Yet still,

I walk into the sea to meet you,

wearing a maile lei…