A spiritual poem on my other blog, Inner Life of Pua Nani

Inner Life of Pua Nani

If only
to tell
and retell.

My voice opens
like an ancient book
in majesty.

My song is deep and thick
like cloudy wine,
inviting the invisible
to drink.

The door opens
and nighttime enters.
I shine like seven stars
in a dream,
bright and bursting
with obscure meaning.

Cradled in the cup
of my memories,
I am
a child again.

My father
is a wandering Aramean
and we are
journeying still.


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Nature Falls In Love

Today I am sharing this poem again in celebration of Purim and Nowruz, two festivals of early spring renewal and revelry, that may share ancient roots



In Springtime,

all of nature

falls in love.

The air is wet

with arousal,

fragrant with pollen

and the scent

of raw need.

In springtime,

our bodies ache towards each other

like the First Man

and First Woman did,

the first time they made love,

when the heavens opened up

and the gods applauded like thunder

and a million flowers took latin names

and carved their shapes

out of the green pith

of possibility,

blossoming into a full rainbow

of lurid colors.

In springtime,

clouds cry their heavy tears

that seep into the land,

feeding plants, nourishing roots,

shaking off the sadness of death

that winter brings.

The Earth opens

like a mouth

to receive

the Sun’s kiss.

Love shines.

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