Your Eyes

You are flirting with me.  Eyes open; eyes closed. Eyes open, eyes closed. There is nothing so agonizingly tempting as the tease of giving and taking away. And now I want you again.



Your eyes open to me again like ancient doors

and I yearn to enter the dark obsidian cavern of your heart.

Light a fire there and cook in my earthenware pots,

feed you my unbridled love,

this hot and tender melancholy that you breathe into me.

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Body and Soul Food


“I keep having extremely naughty dreams with us…and we feast, cook together and have more sex”

was what he said to me, after his month in the desert.

Life is rich with ravaging moments, painful hungers, gnawing cravings, needs.

In those times, he knows

I will be his body and soul food.