In Celebration of 400 Followers

Thanks to my 400 followers for your appreciation of eroticapoetica. I love sharing my poetry and original photos with you delightful readers. I love to receive your likes and thoughtful comments, and it gives me pleasure knowing that you are enjoying my work.
I wish you all the passionate mystery and poetic resonance that you crave in your lives.
With love,
Pua Nani



When you returned,
the day felt bright
like new paint
and our forms freshly drawn
by the nimble hands
of God.

Our kisses were sweet
as spring strawberries,
dripping with juice.

We were lovers
once again,
refining and polishing
our art
like careful masters
on the canvas of tragic need
that is the body.

I was a mermaid
in the sea
of you,
in delicious oblivion.
You tasted
salty like my tears.

In your arms,
agony and ecstasy
seem to become
one and the same.


My Heart Bleeds Words

Inner Life of Pua Nani


I know very well what I did wrong.  I should not have answered his texts and calls right away.  I should not have agreed to meet him whenever he wanted.  I should not have had sex with him so quickly and frequently.  I should not have made elaborate efforts to entice him to want me.  I should not have loved him.  I should not have wanted to be with him.  I should not have gotten upset when he rejected me.  I should not have let him see that he was affecting me emotionally.  I should not have wished for a life with him.

I should have walked away before I ever met him.  I should have honored the vision that I saw before my eyes, the knowing that he would simply use me and discard me, and cancelled our first encounter.  But the realities that I saw within my inner…

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