The Game of Love

Another update from the battlefield of love

Inner Life of Pua Nani

Right now it feels like the cards are stacked against me in the game of love.

I lost my lover and that hurt a lot.

Then the Glassblower suddenly reappeared to fill the void. That was strange. I’ve noticed a pattern where the last few times he has reached out to me just happened to have been when my lover was away or we were separated. Maybe my energy is different at those times. Perhaps I appear more vulnerable and receptive.

The Glassblower came over to my apartment two nights in a row last week. The second night he stayed the night with me. His son was sleeping at his ex wife’s house.

Sex with him is…spotty and uneven I guess…sometimes it can be very good or even great, but other times mediocre, even awkward.  Yet he is consistently fantastic at cuddling.  Part of the issue with him is that…

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