Sometimes I Love You

Sometimes I love you
in a way
that bends the mind.

Sometimes I love you so much
that I soar through the night
on my little witches’ broomstick
all the way to the end of the Earth
to see you,
to hold your body against mine
and kiss your lips.

Sometimes I love you so much
that marvelous food pours forth
from the tips of my nipples,
elaborate meals, with meats and vegetables, sumptuous and satisfying,
as I sense your hunger
and wish
to feed you
from my own breast.

Sometimes I love you so much
that I lay golden eggs
in the gilded nest of my bedroom,
full of dreams
for you,
of whatever your heart desires,
like a djinni goddess of the midday boudoir,
dressed in sexy lingerie,
so that you may nurture them to maturity
with the seed
of your passion.

Sometimes I love you
and my heart stretches open
to accommodate you
as you penetrate
the inner sanctum of my soul.

Sometimes you enter me so hard,
so forcefully,
that cracks and fissures appear
within the fragile walls
of my being.

Sometimes I love you.
And sometimes not.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes I Love You

  1. bejamin4 says:

    I really enjoyed reading this one. And I think the last two lines made it even better when I got to the end. I like the repetition but also the complexity of the feelings. I’d pick a favorite line but I just like it all.

  2. Pua Nani says:

    thanks 🙂 I’m glad to hear you enjoyed. I had a feeling you would like this one.

  3. alm383 says:

    جبرني الشوق اقول كل الي في قلبي جبرني يا اعذ الناس اقول بكل احساس احبك احبك

  4. Pua Nani says:

    I would love to know what you said 🙂 English translation please?

  5. Indra says:

    I LoVe You 🙂 And don’t ever change; there are soo few of us left my Love!

  6. Cy says:

    Isn’t love what it’s all about, especially if its expressed in such a beautiful way. Keep on making my heart warm! 🙂

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