On Beauty

Inner Life of Pua Nani

I was a bit of an ugly duckling as a child. I had brown curly hair that my mother brushed into wavy frizziness. I was always a little round, genetically prone to a curvy figure. I was unable to succumb to the societal pressure to develop an eating disorder, and ate voraciously. When I was 10, I was prescribed glasses by an optometrist. I wept, knowing this would be a great blow to my vanity into the future. I chose clear frames in the hopes that they would be less visible; of course they were not.

In early adolescence, I started to develop breasts and I got teased about them. Somehow the kids in my class twisted things and said that I was stuffing my bra. This was definitely untrue as I was so unsophisticated that I didn’t even wear a bra yet at the time, but of course my…

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